Remove Watermark from Any Android Software Free 100% Working



Watermark : Sometimes we se that if we make a project or ttake a selfie with an app, the final output shaw a logo at any one corner of this app company it’s called Watermark.


Example : Everybody wants to remove this watermark. So that there output get clean. I am going to say u about this way!

First time you need to install an app, name is APK Editor Pro. You can download and install it from the link below :

Apk Editor Pro Download Click here

After completing installations just open it and select an app that you want to edit. Now select Simple Edit (File Replacement). Now click on image and find out a picture the name with watermark. And click on the save button at the right corner.

Now go to Internal Storage→ApkEditor→Image and see the properties of this watermark and remember the pictures wildth and height. Again rename it and copy it’s name. Now open your Pixellab Software.

To Download Pixellab Click Here

Now click on Image icon and click image size icon.

Now input the image size that you remembered.

Now click on transparent for make it blank. You can also write your channel name. Now click on share button and save it as png file.

Now go to Internal Storage→Pixellab→And find the picture that you created on Pixellab and select it and click rename and pest that you copied.

All Right Now go again to Apk Editor And click ok edit button.

And replace the picture that you created with pixellab. Click Save button below.
Now Uninstall the app from phone which is selected for removing watermark. Now go to Internal Storage→Apk Editor→tmp select the app gen.apk and Install it.

Now open it and see the Ammazing the watermark has been removed and enjoy.




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