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Friday , November 16 2018
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The 10 Best Online Masters in Education Degree Programs

The 10 Best Online Masters in Education Degree Programs

As many students of online masters in education are currently full-time teachers looking to advance in their careers through working and completing coursework simultaneously, we’ve weighted flexibility and the affordability of programs highly. Because most online programs closely mirror traditional programs from the parent institution, we’ve also included a rank for the quality of the parent institution’s school of education. For a closer look at the schools that offer some of the best overall online programs, please see our ranking of the best online colleges. The ranking for the best Masters in Education programs available fully online is listed below.

Flexibility Score (.4): a rating of the number of specializations, delivery methods and general flexibility afforded by

Affordability (.4): a ranking of the average cost per credit hour for masters in education programs.
Quality of providing institution (.2) the quality of the parent institution of the online program as seen in US News rankings.


Ball State University
Ball StateBall State University offers an amazing 14 masters in education programs online, including the most popular options in primary education, secondary education, special education, and curriculum & educational technology. 17 certificates classes as well as 10 licensure classes are available for educators online as well. Besides flexibility and the ability to take a wide variety of programs, Ball State is also the 4th most affordable school on our list with graduate per credit hour costs of $315 for Indiana residents, and $530 for non-residents. The accompanying school of education at Ball State is currently ranked 86th by US News.


Western Governor’s University
western-governors-computer-scienceWestern Governor’s University is built around the idea that adult learners can be served through flexible coursework so as to advance in their careers. Fourteen education-related masters are available from Western Governor’s, including instructional design, science education, math education, and special education. Western Governor’s is unique in both its flexibility and pricing, not focusing on classes but rather on “competency units.” Students are billed a flat rate of $2890 per six-month term, and are allowed to complete as many classes as they can in this amount of time. While slower workers could extend the program and thus costs, this is unique in pricing arrangements in our rankings, and has the potential to make for a very affordable degree.


American College of Education
American College EducationThe American College of Education offers two M.A. programs in elementary and secondary teaching online, as well as a larger number of masters in education degrees, including: curriculum and instructional design, educational technology, and bilingual education. The American College of Education also offers a number of courses stepping a student toward licensure in a given subject, as well as a number of graduate level certificates. Tuition is $215 per credit hour for masters in education programs, the lowest tuition rate in our rankings. This renders all of their masters programs at less than $8,000. Rates are even lower for members of the armed services or their spouses.


Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon UniversityGrand Canyon University was founded in 1949 as a private, Christian teachers college. Today they offer 18 M.A.’s and Masters in education programs online, including: elementary, secondary, special education, curriculum & instruction, and a focus on Autism spectrum disorders. Learning is asynchronous at Grand Canyon University, and courses taken one at a time, allowing for students to mold their coursework around their work and lives. Most courses of study are offered either as evening or online courses, and as programs that lead to licensure or not (if you’re a teacher who is already licensed). Graduate education classes cost $510 per credit hour, the 6th most affordable rate in our rankings, with continuing education courses available at $150 per credit hour.


Arizona State University
Arizona StateOnline masters from Arizona State University are offered through the top ranked Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College, currently ranked 18th for education departments in the nation by US News. Six masters in education programs are available online, including a unique program focusing on curriculum & instruction of gifted students. 5 graduate level certificates are also available through the college. Tuition is currently $545 per credit hour, ranking Arizona State 11th for affordability in our rankings. For teachers who need certification, a few credit hours may be added to existing programs.


Capella University
CapellaCapella University offers 12 concentrations for their M.S. in education online program. Unique offerings include concentrations in early childhood education, integrative studies, and training & performance improvement. Courses are 10 weeks long, and Capella allows students to take a range of course loads per quarter, increasing flexibility for the program. Tuition for Capella University’s M.S. in K-12 Education is currently $436 per credit hour, ranking the program as the 6th most affordable in our rankings.


Oregon State University
Oregon StateOregon State University offers a masters in education for K-12 teachers, an M.S. in science and mathematics education, as well as a masters in counseling in schools. The counseling degree does require two short classes to be attended on campus, and thus is technically a blended program, but all other programs are entirely online. Students may start in any term, and aren’t tied to a cohort (they can take classes at paces at which they please). 45 credit hours are needed to graduate, with a tuition rate of $512 per credit hour, or the 8th most affordable school in our rankings. Oregon State University’s education school is currently ranked 106th in the nation by US News.


University of New England
PrintThe University of New England offers 6 M.S. in education programs online, as well as 7 certificates of advanced study in education. Unique masters level programs include focuses on career and technical education, and inclusion education. Scheduling is flexible at the University of New England, with many programs completable in less than 2 years. Though the program may be extended for longer if that suits your individual needs. University of New England costs $510 per credit hour, ranking the program as the 6th most affordable in our rankings.


Texas A&M
Texas AMTexas A&M offers distance learning masters degrees in twelve education-centered topics, including programs on adult education, bilingual education, public school administration, and a number of curriculum and instruction centred tracks. Most programs directly mirror their traditional counterparts, and include research, coursework, as well as a practicum. Tuition is currently $546 per credit hour (ranked twelfth as far as affordability in our rankings), with many programs requiring 36 credit hours in order to graduate.


North Carolina State University
North Carolina StateNorth Carolina State University offers 6 Masters in Education, two M.S. degrees in education subjects, two online teacher licensure programs, and three graduate level certificates in education subjects. Courses may be taken on a part-time or full-time basis, with many masters programs taking 3-4 years to complete on a part-time schedule. Tuition for North Carolina State University is the 14th most affordable school on our list. North Carolina State’s college of education is currently ranked #51 in the nation by US News.

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