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Friday , December 14 2018
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When ‘Bahubali 3’ is created, Rana will be there too Scolding

Telugu film producer and actor Everyone knew Rana Daggubati so long. In Bahubali The main villain King
Ballaldev’s character is unique World famous fame after acting. Recently played and carrier in an interview
The Indian actor said about the plan. In 2010, Telugu movie ‘Leader’ in the film Rana Daggubati’s debut came out. It was political Gharana movie Then played it one by one ‘Arambam’, ‘No Ise’, ‘Rudramadevi’, ‘Size Zero’ with
In some Telugu and Tamil movies Hindi cinema ‘breath Maro Dum ‘,’ Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani ‘and’ Baby ‘ Has seen him Indian Express said, the release is being
released this year Runner’s new movie ‘Nene Raju Nene Minister’ Regarding this picture of political genre, he said, “I am Always love to act in political cinema. I came in because I have something to say. For the same reason, I also used to produce movies Gave me I think the same is true in political cinema It is possible to tell a lot of stories with others Do not get into the movie. ”
This star reached the fame of Bahubali’s welfare Said, “Once the arms of Bahubalir have been covered Then I will
have to carry it to the end! ‘Bahubali’ does not compare with anything else. It’s This is such a movie in front of me
and the screen Many things as an actor behind Taught. If ever ‘Bahubali-3’ was created then But I will stay in it. ” In addition to ‘Nane Raju Nene Minister’ released this year Rana’s new two Tamil films’ Madai Thiranthu ‘and’ Inai Noki Pyaum Thota ‘

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