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Question 1. Which is the best choice for Life time blogging? (niche blog not broad blog)
Answer: In my opinion, a professional blogger must start with any topic topic at the beginning. The reason behind my statement is: 1 Nish Topi is much easier than SEO to do with Broad Topics. If you work with Niss Topic, you will receive the desired CPC from your adsense, but you will not get it on Broad Top. There are so many problems in writing about the topics we have to face. It turns out that my site has a broad topic but I do not have many keywords or regular content. However, your keyword is almost the same as Nish Topi. In that case, the new content is always used by all keywords. Niche website content can be easily ranked. SERP also has a good position at the results. Always work on my rechecked topic topic as a blogger. However, if you have time to work with your niche topic, then you can work with a broad topic. But if you say Nick or Broad, who will you recomend? Then I’ll reconsider the niche blog. (Any blog written on any topic is called niche blog and if all the topics are written on a blog, then we say 


Question 2: Content-based blogging is not like futures, apps for a professional blogger like futures like the national blogging?
Answer: It is a real fact that content based blogging futures are the best. And the topic that you are talking about (Apps Download), it will cause problems in Adsense. At the beginning of the blog you may be able to use Adsense for a temporary time, but with the popularity of the site, your adsense will banned Google. Everyone knows that Google does not give them their ads on Google’s copyright notices or copyright. And in case of download downloads, the copyright problem will also be there. So, my research is based on content-based blogging. If you want to blog with apps, change keywords. Blog content based on targets of keywords such as Apps Review, Apps News, Apps Tips. By the Way, Apps Review, but a nice keyword.

Question 3: How much search volume should be minimized for Adsense?
Answer: There is no limit. You can take keywords of Search Volume as much as you can. But selecting Competition and CPC, the keywords will be selected.

Question 4: Which topics will be ignored and should start with some topics (category will be called)?
Answer: If your target adsense is good, then it is better not to work with copyrighted content (eg Songs Download, Software Free Download, Movie Free Download etc) and I will not completely ignore it. My Recomeleration Technology, Education, Health, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial etc. for Topic Choice

Question 5: What is the problem with starting at the beginning?
Answer: No. There is no problem. But my recommendation is WordPress. This will make it easier for you to do SEO.

Question 6: Will the target be posted only with keywords or related long-length keywords?
Answer: I will not post on the main keyword. Also post on Relavent Keyword Yes, Relavent will post regularly with long-tail keywords. But look at Keyword Density, of course. It is not too much. Try to keep between 2-3. There are many tools available online for checking Keyword Density.
Question 7: No methods for SEO are working anymore. CORE What are the issues for the ranking?
Answer: There are some debates about this. But all the things that are agreed upon are: Link Building does not work as before. Unless it is a nicely rated natural banklink. Even blog commenting does not work, unless it is nicely related. Directory submissions also do not work as before. But now you have to put together social media. Can link and link pyramids and links but nick will be relayed. (Many people like this, Link Wheel and Pyramid do not offer a lot of work now, but I have done a lot of work and have done it). Onpage optimization, use of keywords on the right way content, after publishing the content, it will have to focus on social media sharing. .

Question 8: Is there any way to get content ideas?
Answer: Google AdWords Get keyword ideas and get content ideas too. Visit popular blogs regularly and see which type of content is more interested in people. Thank you. Happy Blogging

Question 9: YouTube AdSense applied by the address of the US that my cousin However, I can not change the country after the request. I can verify the address of the address in the address box. But how do I add a Bangladeshi bank while adding payment method?
Answer: If you get verification letter from your US address, you can easily verify the account from the code. If you are 100 dollars in the account, you can add a bank address in the payment method. (Adsense account> Payment Setting >> Add a New Payment Method)

Question 10: What do you have to do to work with Bengali content? How much payment is available in the impregnation of Bangladeshi traffic?
Answer: Adsense Account on Bangla content will not be received. But if you have traffic above 30-40 million in the month, you can add Google DoubleClick.

Question 11: How much can the account rate bracket click?
Answer: It is good to be under CTR 10. 10-15 for YouTube

Question 12: If you have Bangla / English videos in the same channel, can there be problem?
Answer: No, there is no problem.

Question 13: I got Google Adsense via YouTube. Can I add Bangla web site / or / any site to this account or will I block my account if I add code?
Answer: No. Not only in Bengali English, but also on any website. Adsense accounts available through YouTube are usually Hosted Adsense Account. You will be able to use this account with a large blog (not a custom domain).

Question 15. If I just SEO with domain and park the domain at, then sedo will give adsense?
Answer: SEDO will automatically add. But you have to configure it from the SEDO account.
Question 16: What can you earn from Adsense until the domain is sold in Sedo?
Answer: Until the domain is Cell, you will get Adsense Revenue from SEDO.

Question 17: Every blog on my blog has unique and 2000+ words. How many such posts are posted, then it would be better to apply for adsense?
Answer: You can apply for Adsense if the Containant is unique and if the visitor is 500+. Attention to the visitor at the blog, 30/40 of the content before my recheck. Then apply to AdSense. Hpy blogging

Question 18: 1. How can I send verification codes to my address? How can you transfer balance to AdSense account from YouTube?
Answer: It will send from the AdSense account, when the balance is above 10 dollars. And you do not have to transfer balance. For this Google has.

Question 19: What is the difference between Adsense and Total Arriving?
Answer: The difference is not anything more. Estimate Arining, which can be a little lower than the total of the total. The reason is that many times a lot of money is deposited in a dollar account from faked clicks, or additional clicks. Review Google’s entire month’s Araninka and stand a finishing arc, which will be sent to you. That’s the total earnings.
Question 20: If my site’s 80% visitor comes from facebook and I use adsense on that site then what account will be disabled?
Answer: No. There will be no problem.

Question 21 Many established bloggers forbid to share adsense links, why?
Answer: The reason is that in some of our country, some jealous bloggers (not everyone) and mango public Because, most people can not see anybody better. If you regularly show your blog income and name your site, then a group of violent people will start clicking spamming on your blog. As a result, Google will banned your account. Apart from copying content, creating ideas and making other blogs related to Idea. More than that, every pro-blogger has got less trouble by sending blogs and income. So, we take a little privacy in blog address and income. It’s safe for safety. Happy Blogging

Question 22: How to do Domain Parking SEO?
Answer: Off-page optimization after on-page optimization and domain parking before domain parking.

Question 23: What can be done with both the same blog and affiliation adsense?
Answer: Yes, you can use Adsense and Affiliation together. See this section of Google’s “We do allow affiliate or limited-text links.” However, the following things have to be complied with: 1. Use the epilepsy link as low as possible. Excessive use of the adsense adsense can fall into your own risk. You will not be able to use an AdLite ad or Adult product affiliation incorrectly. Even the non-Google (such as buying and selling arms, gambling / betting, or any narcotics) can not use the affiliate banner. You do not have the banner of adspace beside AdSense. To use the affiliate link, you must follow the link. If you use Adsense and Affiliation with some maintenance, then hopefully you will not have problems. Thanks and Happy Blogging

Question 24: If you link the link to the social media to increase the site’s authority, if the traffic direct is seen and clicked on the ad then it will be a problem in AdSense?
Answer: No, there will be no problem.

Question 25: Google is more interested in organic traffic than AdSense, but from any backlink, if you click on the traffic site and click on the ad, can it be the reason for the account being banned?
Answer: There will be no problem. Although it does not come from an Adult site.

Question 26: If an AdSense code is placed on a single site, then the other AdSense account can be placed on that site?
Answer: It will go. But before that all ad accounts in the previous account have to be removed.

Question 27: Adsense is useful for adsense site?
Answer: Write 30-40 articles and do SEO of all. (Including index, social shares etc.)

Question 28: How many Adsense adsense is acceptable every day?
Answer: Answer 2. Visitors of the site can apply only at 500/1000. But the higher the visitor and the better the content, the easier it will be to get your account.

Question 29: Many people see the third party, such as hubpage adsense is approved by some companies. This is a flower friendly account. Or do you have to share revenue with them.
Answer: Revenue is shared and it is a hosted account.


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