Android is Now Working With Your Eye Command (Bangla)

New and ammazing app for you that can command to your Android phone by following your eye command.
At first download the app Eva Facial Mouse
To download Click Here
Now open the software. It will show you a message to setting. Click on Setting and turn on Accessibility Permission. Then it will automatically show you Another setting step by step.
Click Next 2 times. Then Click on keyboard setting and select EVA Facial Mouse. Now see that the icon changed into cross to right. Now click next to Face detection. The font camera of your phone will automatically start and will detect your face.
Now click next And select mouse pointer speed.
Click next 2 times
Now see that bitton click and click next and see the scroll button
Click next and see the tab buttons
Click next Tab button
Click next see the Dock Menu
Click Next and enjoy the facial mouse
If you have any doubt click the video below and Subscribe the channel.


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